Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Benefits of Organic Laurel Oil in Natural Skin Care

The Laurel plant (Laurus Nobilis) has a wonderful and colorful history, dating back to the ancient world. The classic Greeks believed the Laurel plant to have powers of prophecy and divination. They revered the plant, believing it could protect men against evil, thunder and lightning, and even contagious diseases.  Many images of the Greek god of medicine, AEsclepius, show his head adorned with Laurel leaves.

In Greek mythology, the Greek name for the Laurel tree, "Daphne," was given to the maiden who was, against her wishes, being pursued by the god, Apollo.  She implored the other Olympians to help, and they magically turned her into a Laurel tree.  Since then, all of the Gods continue to protect the divine Laurel plant. It became the Greek symbol of military glory, as their generals wore the crown of Laurel leaves and often were depicted with a Laurel branch in one hand.  The French word, "baccalaureat," was coined during the Renaissance, when honored scholars were also crowned with Laurel leaves.

Organic Laurel oil, derived from the leaves of the Laurus Nobilis plant, is well-known as an invigorating, more stimulating of the essential oils, that has the ability to clear the mind & relieve headaches. It can also relax & help calm stressful emotions to help us cope in stressful situations.  Laurel essential oil has also been known to improve memory function.  

In natural skin care, the healing botanical oil is highly regarded for having strong antiseptic, anti-viral, germicidal and even skin regenerating properties! 

(Incidentally, our Grandmama Jeanne Laudun knew about these healing properties of Laurel oil. That's why she always used it in her organic skin care recipe for the Shaving Soap she made for my Grandfather, Felix. He would use it every morning!) 

These qualities make organic Laurel oil an invaluable resource for healing wounds and for skin protection from potentially harmful microorganisms.  In recent research on skin-healing natural botanical oils, it is noted as, "highly recommended" for "the treatment of acne and other skin disorders."