Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anti-aging Beauty Secrets of Resveratrol in Organic Skin Care- Part I

 Many people are getting really excited about recent scientific studies pointing to the possibility that the phyto- (plant)chemical compound Resveratrol may indeed be the long-sought-after Fountain of Youth!  When considering these new findings, it is helpful to understand where Resveratrol comes from to understand how it works. Resveratrol is a polyphenols antioxidant, one among 600 different antimicrobial compounds known as  phytoalexin, manufactured by plants as protection against adverse conditions- such as excessive ultraviolet light, infections and various climactic changes.

This natural antioxidant is commonly found in grapes, grapeseed oil, red wine and cocoa, and has been recently lauded for its anti-aging benefits. Various cosmetic companies have begun capitalizing on Resveratrol's purported health benefits in light of its anti-aging properties. Claims such as they carry products containing an Ester form of Resveratrol, Resveratryl Acetate, that can smooth lines and wrinkles, are filling the market. Some spas in Martillac, France and even ancient baths in New York offer baths that are filled with red wine, and state these resveratrol treatments actually work by being absorbed deeply into the various layers of the skin.

Recent research is is growing on Resveratrol's anti-aging benefits when topically applied to human skin, and some studies suggest the bio-compound could very well be helpful to skin. One study published by the National Institutes of Health in 2005 showed promising results. When Resveratrol was topically applied to the skin of laboratory animals, then later subjected to high ultraviolet radiation, researchers learned the plant compound actually protected the animals! One researcher also stated, "It might be the ultimate sunblock for both plants and animals. In animals, it was shown to help prevent the development of skin cancer." 

Stay tuned for more exciting news on Resveratrol - Coming Soon in Part II of our Blog! 

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