Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beauty Secrets of Botanical Facial Cleansers in Natural, Organic Skin Care

At COSMETIQUES LAUDUNTM, we have spent many years researching the health benefits and effects of using natural, plant-based products on skin, rather than exposing it to the harsh, chemical effects of commercially made, unnatural products that can damage skin. One of the best beauty tips we can share with you is the real importance of regular, daily facial cleansing with a natural botanical cleanser as part of your skin care regimen. Shockingly, much research into the subject has recently shown that on those evenings that we may just go to bed and skip washing our face, we are actually adding an unbelievable extra week of aging to our skin!

Crazy as this sounds, it is absolutely true. Sleeping with the day's old make-up still on, mixed with dirt, grime and general atmospheric toxins is way too much for our delicate skin to handle getting rid of on its own. It is much easier and kinder to your skin to just make a habit of properly cleansing your face before going to bed. It is equally important to use a gentle, plant-based facial cleanser that will not remove its protective acid mantle and cause further damage your skin, but instead enable skin to rejuvenate cells and recover from all those environmental toxins.

Well, to make it easier to do this for all our valued COSMETIQUES LAUDUNTM Customers, Friends & Family, we've recently created a NEW Natural, Botanical Facial Cleanser- It's called, "COQUETTE" (or "Flirt,") Creamy Cleansing Milk, and it is simply Luxurious for your skin! Our plant-based, Organic daily Facial Cleanser gives you gentle, but effective daily cleansing.  You've NEVER experienced a Facial Cleanser like our dreamy Cleansing Milk (can you tell we're excited about it?) (;  It's rich & creamy texture easily glides over skin to effectively lift even stubborn make-up, dirt, grime & environmental toxins at the pore level, for effective cleansing that leaves skin incredibly soft & Fresh!  

One of Mama Jeanne Laudun's vintage Beauty Formulations made with only Organic plants & flowers taken from her garden, our "Coquette," contains only pure botanical essential oils & extracts, works beautifully on all Skin Types and is completely Toxin-free! Our unique Creamy Cleanser is naturally rich in antioxidants for ultimate free-radical protection, because its Key Ingredients are Organic Tamanu Nut & Coconut Oils & Plantain Leaf Extract, so its also effective in keeping skin clear of acne and breakouts.  Our formula is concentrated- only a small amount is needed for gentle daily cleansing, and of course we delightfully scented "Coquette" with a light, intoxicating organic floral fragrance!  

Designed for Daily Use, morning and night, for optimum natural skin cleansing & softening. 
Simply apply a small amount of the cleansing cream around the face and neck using fingertips, or squeeze a small amount onto a washcloth and gently rub using circular motion; then rinse well with cool, clean water; repeat until all of the cleanser is removed.  

Finish with New COSMETIQUES LAUDUN TM “ROSE WATER FROST” Natural Facial Toner and our entirely new Organic Facial Care Line, designed to give our LAUDUN TM family of customers the best natural, organic facial care possible!

 -Stay Tuned for more exciting News about all of our NEW products!  

Beauty Secrets of Organic Skin Toners in Natural Skin Care

ARE FACIAL TONERS REALLY NECESSARY? At COSMETIQUES LAUDUNTM, we believe the answer is... Definitely, YES!  Using a natural Facial Toner is absolutely critical after cleansing to restore skin's natural pH Level and to maintain the natural Acid Barrier & moisture reserves. The barrier can become damaged or stripped away during the cleansing process, especially with many commercially available products today that are unfortunately chemically-based.  (However, using an all-natural facial cleanser like our new "COQUETTE" Creamy Cleansing Milk will NOT strip your skin, because it's made from only pure, Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts that are by nature High in Fatty Acids/ natural Acidic content.)
Normal functioning of the skin's acid /moisture barrier is critical to keep bacteria, viruses, dirt, microorganisms, all germs & environmental toxins OUT of skin cells and away from being absorbed by the bloodstream. The skin is absolutely the largest organ in the body, and it's function is very similar to that of the liver- the body's detoxifier! This natural barrier for the skin also works to retain vital moisture, thereby retaining the skin's health and youthful appearance.

In addition to restoring the skin's pH balance, an effective natural Toner also Removes excess Cleanser and Tightens Pores. A toner created from all-natural & organic ingredients is best to choose, since these are mildly astringent & non-Irritating. The job of a good Toner is to actually prepare the skin to receive and hold on to moisture. It does this by naturally helping to restore & maintain the skin's pH/ Acid Barrier, or "Moisture Barrier," and increases its ability to retain moisture.  So do your beautiful skin a BIG favor- Pick a Natural Toner to add to your Daily Skin Care Routine & see how much healthier and radiant your skin will be!
 COSMETIQUES LAUDUN TM "Rose Water Frost," Rejuvenating Facial Toner