Thursday, January 29, 2015

Make Your Own (DIY) Organic/ Natural Hair Conditioner!

The best rule of thumb to remember when purchasing beauty or skin care products, whether at the store or online, is- if the product contains ingredients you would not feel safe eating, then don't buy it & don't put it on your body! Our skin (and hair) absorb an incredible amount of chemicals from the common beauty products we use every day- yuck! Why not choose Organic, and leave the worry behind? 

It's fun and easy to begin making your own Natural Beauty products at home! All you need are a few time-tested recipes- and we just happen to have some to share with you. (: I will do do my best to post them weekly for our readers - Let's start with a simple Hair Rinse / conditioning Recipe:

Your Favorite Herbal Infusion (Strong tea)–  Here are some nice choices:
  • Lavender is Lovely for dark-brown colored or black hair & a well-known treatment for scalp problems. 
  • Hibiscus is Heavenly for brown hair, can produce red highlights.
  • Chamomile is Calming for blonde or light hair, and can naturally highlight yellow or golden tones.
  • Nettle is Nice for All hair types- known to soften, strengthen and increase shine.
  • Rosemary Herbal Infusion– Rosemary is a wonderful natural ingredient to add to any home-made hair products!  It effectively treats common scalp problems, like dandruff and psoriasis, and it is known to stimulate the hair follicle to promote hair growth.
Apple Cider Vinegar– "ACV" is great at removing the buildup in your hair from products that contain waxes, parabens & chemicals.  It leaves hair very soft & shiny, as it closes the hair cuticle (the outer protective covering on the hair strand) which opens during shampooing. 
Essential Oils  These are great to include for their healing benefits and lovely fragrances. Rosemary, Clary Sage, Lavender, Cedarwood, or Rose Geranium are some excellent ones, but feel free to use your own favorites.

  • Boil 2 cups of water & steep your preferred herbal tea (see above); add a sprig or small handful of fresh or dried, chopped rosemary. To make the infusion, steep all together for at least 30 minutes, or for several hours if possible.  The longer the steeping, the stronger the infusion will be.
Next, pour entire infusion through a strainer. Pour the 2 cup infusion into a glass bowl or jar and mix in:
  • 1/2 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Cup filtered water
  • 5-10 drops of your preferred essential oil- if you Love the scent, go for 10 drops.
  • Once all ingredients are combined, this mixture of hair "tonic" / conditioner can be funneled into a squirt or spray bottle. DONE -and for mere pennies, compared to the cost of regular store-bought conditioner that usually contains damaging chemicals! 
  • Keep the bottle in your bathroom or shower to use after shampooing.  
  • To use: Shampoo hair as usual (preferably with a Natural or home-made shampoo); while hair is still wet, spray on the Natural Hair Conditioner/ Infusion. It can then either be rinsed out, or left in as a "leave-in conditioner."  
  • Dry and style hair as usual; even if you decide to not rinse before styling, the vinegar odor will dissipate once hair is dry.
  • Now enjoy your silky, soft & shiny hair! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Organic Skin Care for Delicate Under-eye Area

Boy- it's cold and clear outside! When I was out for my walk and "spending time with Nature," today (see Blog Post Jan. 12th), I noticed that the normally murky waters of Fanno Creek were actually almost running clear, due to the cold. I stopped at the bridge over the Creek and just watched and listened to the water running over the rocks....Mmmm, peaceful.

I also noticed when I returned to the office, that the little lines under and at the corners of my eyes, or "crowsfeet," as we so affectionately call them, were more pronounced than they were before I left! That just proves to me that this cold, dry air, along with the heated, dry air in my home are really causing my skin to be drier than usual. What's one of our best remedies at COSMETIQUES LAUDUN TM? Organic Grape seed oil!

All-natural, Organic Grape Seed Oil actually has the ability to alleviate stretch marks, varicose veins and severely dry skin.  It also increases the amount of collagen in the skin for powerful skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.  It has powerful healing properties for the skin, as it greatly reduces inflammation, the most common cause of disease.  The essential oil is known to heal skin lesions caused by Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and many other common skin disorders. The botanical oil contains linoleic, olecic, palmatic, stearic and palmitoleic acids, is rich in natural Vitamins E, C, D, as well as Beta Carotene. Organic Grape Seed Oil's marvelous anti-aging properties, due to its richness of natural antioxidants, include firming and toning the skin.  

The under-eye and around eye areas of the skin are extremely delicate, so I just use a very small amount- a finger-tip amount dotted underneath the eye- of our "MITSY" Organic Facial Moisturizer. This  more than adequately moisturizes and cares for the fine lines, and I even noticed plumper, firmer looking skin just 2 weeks after using it every day.  There's nothing better than Organic Grape Seed Oil to care for skin, and our "MITSY" is loaded with it- try some today- y0u'll experience the relief and see the difference.  (:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Spending Time with Nature Rejuvenates Us!

As we start this New Year, 2015, at Cosmetiques LAUDUN TM, we find ourselves in a reflective mood. The last year presented a number of tough challenges for all of us - health problems, moving, worry over loved ones, to name a few. Today as we look back, we're very happy to see we made it through those trying times, "with flying colors!"

It seems to me, as I write to all of our very loyal Customers, Friends & Followers, that the single most important "challenge" that I face in this New Year, and every day, is maintaining my inner happiness and peace. Every day stresses can add up quickly and feel like a huge burden by the end of the day- they can leave me feeling tired and overwhelmed. So, I believe it's important for all of us to do a few different things every day to help combat stress and help us feel & look good.

One of the best things I've found that helps get the stress out of my body & lightens my mood is to "take a break with Nature." Taking some time out from work or chores each day to go outside and breathe in the fresh air and observe Nature's quiet workings in whatever season we're in, re-energizes my mind, body & spirit. I simply LOVE to take a 30-40 minute walk every day, and look at the trees, the sky, the running water in the rising creeks....
I breathe in the fresh, invigorating scent of the Cedar & Pine trees here in the Pacific Northwest and observe the different bird flocks as they come and go with each season. I am reminded how effortlessly birds fly- they don't have to think about it, they just DO it. I am rejuvenated, physically & mentally!

Try this little change for 30 minutes every day, or if that seems too much, then try 30 minutes every other day, and watch how your attitude, mental acuity and spirits lift! I'd love to hear your comments after you've tried this for a week, so feel free to leave them in the Comment Section of this Blog. Now go outside & spend some time with Nature! (: