Monday, December 7, 2015

Sweet, Healing, Organic Almond Oil- Real Anti-Aging Results! -Part II

As we discussed in our earlier Post, organic Sweet Almond Oil is just one of the best organic, healing ingredients found today in all-natural skin care.  This sometimes-overlooked essential oil can even slow down the skin's aging process and reverse previous damage caused by harmful UV rays. It nourishes the skin and promotes a natural and healthy glow. The oil is also used to reduce dark circles under the eyes - it's truly a warrior against the signs of aging.

Sweet Almond Oil is an excellent skin emollient and moisturizer. It prevents peeling and cracking, which results from over-dry skin and aging.  It also works to relieve minor skin irritations, inflammation and itchiness.  Another of its natural qualities is that it is not absorbed too quickly, and so provides prolonged soothing of the skin. 

This healing oil from Nature's bounty effectively moisturizes the skin, increases skin's elasticity and can prevent the appearance of scars and wrinkles. Almond oil's natural Vitamin E content works to ‘plump’ out the skin in areas likely to develop premature or smaller wrinkles.  It can reduce the ugly appearance of acne and acne scars by balancing the moisture in the skin, softening the scars and evening out skin tone, which noticeably reduces the redness and appearance of the scars.

Do any of these incredible benefits sound appealing? It's easy to get the healing benefits of Organic Sweet Almond Oil -just add the essential oil, or skin care products containing it, to your daily skin care routine today. Then watch your skin change- to younger-looking, more vital & firmer, with better tone, in just 2 weeks!