Saturday, June 7, 2014

End the Discomfort of Shaving with Organic Botanical Shaving Soap

It's no surprise that most men don't enjoy shaving with their cosmetic shelf shaving cream or soap- commercial mainstream products that contain ingredients that can stiffen the beard, and often irritate skin, leaving razor burn and bumps. More and more men are finding that using an organic, non-toxic shaving soap gives a gentler, closer shave and is also much more eco-friendly. Commercially soaps often contain harmful chemicals, like parabens and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). SLS is well known as an industrial chemical degreaser and garage floor stripper/cleaner!  It strips away the healthy oils naturally present in the skin layer, irritating and eroding the skin, often leaving it dry, coarse and pitted. 
Happily, more and more Organic Skin Care companies are making organic shaving soaps easily available to men for purchase. Some of these soaps may be made more for their exfoliating properties, while others are created specifically to use rather than commercial shaving creams.  Organic soaps made with botanical essential oils also alleviate common skin irritations due to shaving, like razor rash/ burn, bumps & cuts. The higher the level of botanical oils used, the less the need to use "shaving oil," prior to shaving.

Preparing the facial skin before shaving is very important to achieving a close, healthier shave. Cleansing the facial skin with warm water and a mild, organic soap helps prevent ingrown hairs, infections and annoying shaving bumps. Start by wrapping your face in a damp, warm towel (the same method used by professional barbers,) or by showering before you shave, to open up skin pores & soften the skin and beard.

Many dermatologists recommend the use of a shaving brush and an organic, emollient shaving soap, because the brush is used in circular motions to work the soap into the beard bristles, which also helps make a closer and less irritating shave. A badger hair shaving brush is considered the best for a comfortable wet shave, since badger hair holds onto water and can evenly distribute the soap lather over your beard. These brushes are more expensive than others but will typically last a very long time.

The best organic shaving soaps to use are those made from the "Cold Press" method, and those that don't have a strong fragrance. The “Cold press” process refers to the production method in which the organic, botanical oils in the soap are not heated above 100 degrees centigrade. This results in retention of the natural, organic properties contained in the essential oils in the soap.  Other commerical manufacturing methods overheat and break down these natural properties.

In addition, shaving with a shaving brush is a great, eco-friendly method of shaving, as the brush is highly sustainable. Organic botanical soaps always last longer than commerically available shaving soaps- an average of 2-3 months, and they often are available for purchase in a reusable bowl or mug, as well. Organic Shaving Soaps made using the “Cold Press” process also reduces the impact on the environment, since this method takes less energy than conventional soap manufacturing.  Many organic soaps are produced by local or even home businesses, and so their carbon footprint is far smaller than mass-produced commerical soaps. 
Give organic shaving soap and a bristle brush a try- you will love the close, comfortable shave you get and take good care of your skin and beard, too!