Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WORLD-WIDE PRESS RELEASE- COSMETIQUES LAUDUN TM Announces Addition of National Natural Grocery Distributor

Company Name:  Cosmetiques LaudunTM 
Address:  Attn: Nancy Bechtol - Director, Sales & Marketing
  9070 SW Garden Home Road, Portland, OR  97223
Phone:  1.877.408.7744 – Ext. 1
Contact:  Nancy Bechtol, Director, Sales & Marketing


Portland, OR- October 20, 2015Cosmetiques LaudunTM announced on Tuesday that they have entered into a new distribution partnership with Threshold Enterprises, Ltd., a national wholesale distributor of dietary supplements and health care products to the natural foods industry and health care professionals, based in Scotts Valley, California. Threshold has been recognized as one of California’s largest manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements and other natural products, offers more than 300 brands and 15,000 products distributed throughout all 50 states, as well as in international markets. The company’s focus is on providing holistic healthcare products to their broad range of customers, to achieve and support optimum wellness. Threshold boasts more than 30 years of experience in the natural foods and natural health care industries and has received multiple awards for the quality of its products, outstanding customer service & educational-based marketing, to name just a few.

The announcement was made by Anna Laudun Beauboeuf, Founder /CEO, of Cosmetiques LaudunTM , a successful crafter & manufacturer of organic and natural skin care / body care products, based in Pembroke Pines, Florida and Portland, Oregon.  Beauboeuf announced that the strategic decision to launch a partnership with Threshold is in direct line with the company’s short-term goals to broaden their market share by creating an international distribution network by 2016.

Anna Laudun Beauboeuf, Founder/CEO, stated that Cosmetiques LaudunTM produces a line of products unlike any in today’s market.  “Both eco- friendly and organic /all-natural, our products have a rich French-Caribbean heritage that pampers the skin with unique botanical ingredients that came from my Grandmother, Jeanne’s, extensive garden.  We provide our customers with skin care solutions that are free of toxic chemicals and eco-friendly, and very healing and effective.  The company’s primary focus is to create basic, fresh products that satisfy the most discerning customer.” 

Cosmetiques LaudunTM was founded by Anna Laudun Beauboeuf, CEO, grand-daughter of Jeanne Gabriel Laudun, whose nearly century-old beauty formulations are the foundation of the company’s skin & body care lines.  Beauboeuf further noted, “the ‘Cosmetiques Laudun TM’ organic & natural skin care line is based on beauty formulations that my grandmother created.  Each product is created with ingredients that came straight from her garden; when I was a child, I would go out with my grandmother each morning into her garden, where we would gather different herbs, flowers, and plants.  

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Then she would teach me how to hand-craft her incredible ‘beauty crème,’ foot creams, soaps & body scrubs from the plants we had picked that morning. Our products address a variety of common skin problems, such as dry skin, signs of aging, acne & eczema, like skin care products commonly found in stores today. However, unlike our competitors, we use ingredients that are completely free of synthetic chemicals, paraben, dyes, and the like.  They are simple and effective, completely toxin-free and absolutely not harmful to the environment.”

Displaying effective foot repair cream.jpg
Displaying body cleanser.jpgBeauboeuf is a staunch believer in using strictly organic & natural ingredients in her line.  She stated, “While many skin care products are advertised as being “all-natural” and “organic,” quite often they are not, due to the lack of regulation.  Furthermore, while many skin care lines are developed and manufactured in a factory by a team of scientists, our products are beautifully simple, vintage family recipes, formulated with only the purest natural and organic ingredients that have proven to be effective for nearly a century.” 
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Beauboeuf works in close collaboration with her Director of Sales & Marketing, Nancy S. Bechtol, and a team of chemists, laboratory, logistics and financial professionals, all of whose combined, extensive experience in the natural cosmetics industry, SEO, social network- and channel marketing play vital roles in the strategic direction and growth of the company.  Cosmetiques LaudunTM is committed to providing its customers with pure, organic, luxurious skin & body care products that are safe, healing and eco- friendly.

Organic Elegance for your Skin 
International Corp Headquarters: 
18004 NW 6th Street Suite 104
Pembroke Pines FL, 33029

Portland Metro/ West Coast:
9070 SW Garden Home Road
Portland, OR  97223

t: 877.408.7744
f: 954.885.1340

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