Monday, October 26, 2015

The Secret of Anti-Aging with Organic Neroli Oil

What do you know about organic "Neroli"oil? Well, it's actually one in the large family of more common Citrus oils. The Duchess of Bracciano and princess of Nerola, Italy, Anne Marie Orsini, actually introduced the essence of the bitter orange tree as an "haute couture" fragrance, by using it to perfume her gloves and her bath in the late 1600's. The term "Neroli" has been used to describe this all-natural essential oil ever since. 

Neroli has a refreshing, spicy aroma with sweet and flowery notes.  The blossoms are gathered by hand in late April to early May. The organic essential oil is made using water distillation, because the blossom is too fragile for steam distillation.
Essential oil of Neroli is known as one of the best natural oils for anti-aging in organic skin & body care. The relaxing qualities go deep into the skin cells, and this oil is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. It is reported to have a restoring effect on the skin, due to its ability to stimulate the growth of new and healthy cells - Wow- Excellent protection against the visible signs of aging! 

Including organic Neroli oil in your daily skincare routine helps to rejuvenate the cells and improve the look of the skin. It is an excellent way to clean and tone the skin and even helps to heal blemishes. It helps skin to stretch and therefore is commonly used during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. It can also be used to improve the look of scars.

Organic Neroli oil is ideal to use for people with sensitive skin. It is non-irritating and does not cause many common side effects, whereas other essential oils are more potent and therefore unsuitable for sensitive skin. In addition, the anti-bacterial properties in the oil aid in fighting skin diseases.   One of the biggest benefits of Neroli oil is that it helps maintain moisture balance in the skin and keeps the skin supple and soft.

Other healing qualities of natural Neroli oil include it's use as a sedative and overall tonic for the nervous system, and its benefits for most stress-related disorders of an emotional nature. The oil is reported to treat heart palpitations, to increase circulation, relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety/ nervousness and has even been reported to successfully treat nervous depression and shock. When you consider all the combined amazing health benefits of Neroli oil, it becomes clear that this essential oil is a must-have for your skincare regimen and natural medicine cabinet, as well.

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