Friday, October 30, 2015

Makeup & Beauty Artistry Tips for Hallowe'e'n

There are so many ideas on the internet and choices available today for looking fabulous for Halloween, that it may be difficult to decide which look you'd prefer to try.  We've come up with several shown here, that particularly impressed us. We hope that you love one of these enough to try it as a new Halloween look, if you're up to the challenge this year!
These beauty & make-up looks for different costumes vary from fairly simple, but stylish, make-up changes to complex, more theatrical-looking costume make-up. Professionally done make-up and hair-styling has become a big business at Hallowe'en, and depending upon what kind of party you may be attending & how impressive you want your look and costume to be, you may decide to go for this more expensive option.

Many beauty salons offer these services for special Halloween make-up and hairstyles, and you can check with your own special salon to see if they do.

Whatever look you decide on for this Halloween, make sure you properly remove the make-up from your face, as soon as you get home from your party.  We recommend a gentle, botanical-based facial cleanser that will easily take off all eye make-up as well. If you haven't yet tried our COQUETTE- Creamy Facial Cleanser, it is perfect for daily, gentle cleansing of your skin as well as for tougher jobs- like removing theatrical Halloween make-up! It is very easy to use & can be applied either with your fingertips, or with a washcloth. Make sure to rinse well with cool water afterward. Follow with our Rose Water Frost Facial Toner for optimum skin conditioning and toning. 

Have a great time this Halloween, and don't forget to take care of your beautiful skin, after the festivities are over. The Cosmetiques LAUDUN TM Family wishes you & yours a very HAPPY & Safe HALLOWE'EN!!

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