Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rediscover Your Soft, Naturally Glowing, Beautiful Skin

LOOKING for a NEW, NATURAL WAY to Soften & Purify Your Skin? WE have the ANSWER!  

Winter is coming on fast, and with it, DRY SKIN. -Soften & Smooth skin with our TROPICAL BLUE BAMBOO ALL-Natural BODY SCRUB & REDISCOVER your soft, beautiful, glowing, Naturally RADIANT skin!

Didn't think a BODY SCRUB would actually be Gentle enough to SOFTEN your Skin while it Exfoliates? Our Botanical Body Scrub made with Natural & Organic ingredients, & is an exceptionally unique product, formulated with Organic Bamboo extract- rich in SILICA to condition & heal skin- & Natural Italian Volcanic Pumice- both these provide effective, but gentle exfoliation; Organic Seaweed extract- to detoxify; Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Chamomile Extract, Jojoba Beads Bee Pollen to moisturize & protect skin. Treat your body to the gentle, deep cleansing, purifying & skin softening that only our Organic Botanical Body Scrub’s can give you.

Use twice weekly; product can be applied directly to dry skin- simply squeeze a small amount onto the hand and massage all over the body, (with the exception of the face & neck) using circular motions going towards the heart; can be mixed with water, & the rich ingredients form a gently foaming scrub that is also very pleasing to the senses; step into the shower & rinse off well; gently pat dry & rediscover your soft, beautifully glowing, naturally radiant skin!

Use gentle, circular motions with loofah or sponge during exfoliation. Using too much pressure could damage the skin and cause irritation, CAUTION: Never use a body scrub on open wounds or sensitive skin.

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