Monday, November 30, 2015

Anti-Aging Secrets of Organic Sandalwood Oil in Natural Skin Care, Part I

Organic Sandalwood is a precious and relatively expensive essential oil, mostly because the East Indian Sandalwood Tree is practically extinct. However, the wood oil's amazing array of beneficial properties certainly justifies its cost. It's well-known aromatic qualities include calming, centering, relieves exhaustion, grounding, stress-reducing and it's an aphrodisiac.  

In addition, this is an excellent botanical oil to help eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and the visible signs of aging.  Organic Sandalwood oil has the great anti-aging benefit of naturally promoting or encouraging skin hydration and moisture.  It is also very effective for cleansing the skin, and its earthy, rich, sensual fragrance is delightful to add to facial and massage oils, aftershaves, bath oils, moisturizers and creams. 

Perhaps the most important skin benefit organic Sandalwood offers is its wonderfully emollient properties, highly effective in healing dry, chapped, sensitive and inflamed skin.  To revitalize dehydrated, dry skin, simply apply a warm compress to the afflicted area.  Then blend 10 drops of pure East Indian Sandalwood essential oil with 6 drops of Geranium and 30 ml Sweet Almond oil; then use to gently massage into the affected area. 

More to come on the many anti-aging and skin-healing qualities of this sensual, aromatic natural, botanical wood oil in Part II of this Blog- stay tuned! 

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