Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's Create Natural BEAUTY Together!

A New Year always brings plenty of opportunities for growth, renewal - opportunities to reinvent ourselves. Let's seize this moment and use our collective energies and intelligence to create something new, beautiful and wonderful in this New Year, 2016!

Personally, I have committed to learning more about ways that we can harness our individual gifts or talents, come together and utilize them for the betterment of our collective communities, and in so doing, better the world. One of these ideas is known as "Contributionism," and it involves just that. This is about people working together, sharing their unique talents, to find new ways of living more in harmony with the earth, to bring the natural law of abundance back to our lives and communities. Think how freeing this can be- if everyone decided to work together for the betterment of their own community, simply by sharing themselves. The African societal way of being known as "Ubuntu," uses these ideas, to bring communities together, to remind everyone that we are all truly related in our humanity. We are sisters and brothers on this lovely planet, and it is time we started thinking and acting that way more, in a unity of love and service to others.

I have also made a personal choice to forgive everyone- including myself, and yes, this can be the most challenging part of forgiveness, but it is crucial to forgive ourselves before we can forgive anyone else. Forgiveness brings freedom! It does not mean we have to agree with what is being forgiven, it just simply means we are finding a place of "neutrality" about it, with no heavy emotional strings attached to it anymore. When we resent people or situations, we tie up our emotion, a lot of our personal energy, or power, that can be utilized so many more things! Choosing to forgive, let go, frees up that energy, and frees us to be the creative beings we are. So I am practicing forgiveness.

I am greatly blessed to be a part of this company, because at COSMETIQUES LAUDUN TM, we are always seeking new information, new ways to bring you the best, most natural ways to take care of your skin. We earnestly believe in helping people to love and take care of themselves. In this stressful world, it has become very difficult for most of us to take care of ourselves. We are dedicated to bringing you products that are deliberately, lovingly crafted from the purest, most natural ingredients available today, so that you can effortlessly take care of your skin- the largest organ in the body. What is real "Beauty?" How can we be truly "naturally beautiful?" 

Using skin care made of pure, plant ingredients- oils and extracts- sourced from organic growers, is a great way to start and simply the best way to care for your skin. We have been taught over time that using skin and body care products that contain chemicals, that promise a "fast fix," is the way to go - not true. It's like putting motor oil, pesticide or other toxic chemicals, all over your body and letting it absorb into the bloodstream. Why do we do this to our bodies? It is time for all of us to make use of the abundance of plants on Mother Earth, that were intended for us to consume for our self care. To that end, we at Laudun are so happy and excited to be bringing you new products this year, as well as the latest information and education about how plants, flowers, nuts, seeds and all the oils and extracts that come from them, can best care for you and your skin. Happy 2016!

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