Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Essential Oil of Pine Benefits in Organic Skin Care

Organic essential Oil of Pine is obtained from the needles of the tree commonly known as the "pine," derived from the Latin or scientific name, Pinus Sylvestris. The tree most likely originated in Austria and Russia before it migrated to many different areas of the world. One of Nature's best-known healing "powerhouses," it has reportedly been used for millenia due to its many health benefits, including its ability to reduce inflammation and associated redness.

Additionally, this botanical essential oil is widely-known in natural healing circles for it's ability to cure skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, boost the immune system, fight fungal and viral infections, protect against sinus infections, clear mucus and phlegm, stimulate the mind and body, and to "de-germ" your home and body. Organic Pine Oil may be best known for its plenitude of Aroma therapy benefits, some of which include its stimulating & energizing effects on the body and mind, prevention of lower respiratory infections, adrenal fatigue support and effective treatment of mild depression- through its emotional support benefits, such as excellent mood elevator, mind- & body-energizing and stress reducer. 

It is important to know that Organic Pine Oil is widely considered to be an excellent natural treatment and preventative for various skin disorders. As noted above, the oil's powerful inflammation-reducing, curative properties for Psoriasis and Eczema and strong cleansing abilities make it the perfect choice to include in a daily skin care regimen. Not only does it treat Psoriasis and Eczema, it is also effective in combatting skin itching, pimples and common skin diseases, poor skin, sores, and even fleas! 

Organic Pine has strong anti-oxidant properties that also destroy free radicals, which can destroy the  health of your skin. Free radicals attack healthy skin cells and cause the symptoms of premature aging- wrinkles, dark spots & sagging skin. Pine essential oil fights free-radicals, and thus helps prevent the process of skin cells breaking down, or the process of aging.  We can all benefit from a little more of that (anti-aging benefits) in our lives!

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